Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The future of Ummah

salam alaik

Malam ini saya mendapat ilmu yang sangat bermanfaat hasil pertemuan dan perbincangan bersama chief fasi halaqah saya, Dr Nafiu Razak Bedemi, postgraduate student yang berasal dari Nigeria yang sedang membuat PhD sekarang. Pada mulanya agak malas untuk pergi halaqah lecturer malam ni, memandangkan esok ada quiz. Tapi , bila fikir tentang tanggungjawab sebagai fasi halaqah, terpaksalah juga pergi. Rupa2nya ada hikmah yang tersirat.huhu.

Today halaqah lecturer discussed the topic entitled on ‘the future of the ummah’. We discussed about how to determine the future of the ummah. The main discussion is denotations of ummah and muslim world, the development of Islam the played a major role. The role player to determine the future ummah are syabab (youth generation), ulama’ (thinkers), parents and muslim organization. Besides that, our chief fasi also explained about the role of OIC, role of muslim intellectuals and lastly role of muslim universities, thus, he related our campus IIUM which plays an important role to promote the future of the ummah around the muslim world.

Bro Razak also gave the quranic verses and Prophetic traditions on ummah as evidence that since the Prophet century, they have try and worked to become the best ummah. As Allah mentioned in the Holy Quran “and verily this ummah of yours is One Ummah and I am your Lord and Cherisher: therefore fear Me (and no other). (23:52). Many verses are mentioned about this actually. Please try look and check your Quran translation.

Actually, I’m not interested to say about the halaqah lecturer but more interested to share something. After finished the lecturer, I met Bro Razak to ask him some questions regarding the topic discussed. My questions is how to determine the future of the ummah if the country not apply and implement the Islamic rules since the youth generation didn’t exposed to the really Islamic environment?

Agak lama berbual dengan beliau, daripada turun lif di kulliyyah of medicine (KOM), berhenti pula di loby KOM dan berjalan untuk pulang mahallah sampailah ke CF bro (central facilities for brothers) Mahallah Talhah. hampir setengah jam jugak berbual dan bertukar-tukar pendapat. At the end, I can concluded that for determine the future of ummah is by join the jamaah! The great answer that I’m waiting to hear it. =)

Actually, from his opinion, to determine the future ummah since the government not apply and implement Islamic rules are firstly by joining the jamaah and always be in jamaah. Don’t be alone. Jamaah as well as means muslim organization. Together with the good people there and strengthen the brotherhood. Then, by right if the government do something that obey the Islamic rules, we can against and voice out the truth.

Next step is if the government didn’t care and take action to our jamaah or muslim organization, we should do “hijrah”. Actually, hijrah divided into 2 categories as all known are hijrah from bad to good, that’s mean we try to become a good person with good behavior, good akhlaq and become a role model among our friends. Second one is hijrah by move to the other good country. But, for this condition, we need to do all types of hijrah but look at the suitable action.

Last step is Jihad. When all steps before this are not give effects to our ummah, we should do jihad. I ask him, ‘is it jihad means war?’ But he said not. Actually he explained more about this, but I don’t know how to write here. He gave me an example in his country, Nigeria. There are many muslim organization and student organization. And they are active do a lot of programmes in other to give exposition and explanation to their members and citizens. But sometimes, the government also didn’t support the organization.

Then, I ask him how about the condition in Malaysia? Thus, he said in other to implement the Islamic rules in the country, the muslim organization that just mentioned at the above should enter the politic area to get the authority and power to implement the Islamic rules.

He also gave me an example about what the Ikhwanul Muslimin member’s do in Egypt after the government banned their organization.

Lastly, I ask him again how about in our condition as student to contribute for the future of the ummah? He said try to become a good student and role model among our friends. Make them know you and after that, hopefully they can select you as their leader. Study hard and become excellence student so that we can become professional. Besides that, try to form group about 4 or 5 members and make some discussion regarding any issues. Here, in my understanding, he tries to say that we must have ‘usrah’ so that we can discuss everything together.

Thus, I realized that what Bro Razak had been said are true. USRAH & JAMAAH can determine the future of the ummah. and he also gave me an example surrounding us around the muslim world. dan sekurang-kurangnya perkara ini membuka mata saya tentang perjuangn Islam di seluruh dunia dan tidak tertumpu pada Malaysia sahaja..



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